Shipston Home Nursing Developments November 2015

As we feel the first chill of winter and all recover from the Rugby World Cup, SHN has some changes that are happening, and some new developments soon to be realised.

During the summer months, the nursing team had to cope with the sudden, sad loss of one of our senior nurses and coordinators, and further pressure due to the prolonged absence of another senior member for family reasons. This led to the Trustees reviewing the current nursing infrastructure and the way the Charity has been operating to serve our local communities. This review is on-going.

To this end, a number of different projects are already underway – a recruitment drive to attract new nursing staff and coordinators, the development of an administrator role to support the many day to day functions and free up expert nursing time, the identification of an administrative base with office and meeting/counselling room accommodation, and a review of the operational day to day management of how we work.

This is all being carried out with the full involvement of the Trustees and the nursing and fundraising teams, with the aim to deliver more care and support locally where needed and looking to expand the role of the Charity to support other facets of palliative care, including bereavement counselling.

It is fair to say the acquisition of dedicated premises for nurses to meet and handover close to the existing District Nursing team based in Shipston would further enhance the relationship and referral pathways. As the complement of permanent nursing staff is increased, we will appraise our local partners regarding the enhanced capacity to care and support.

Administratively, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Shipston Home Nursing CIO) has been formed and the Charity Commission has approved the transfer of the day to day operations of the Charity to the CIO. The transfer will take place as soon as the administrative procedures can be put in place. This will put the Charity on a sound footing alongside other similar charitable organisations. To this end, I am very happy to thank James Little, the founder secretary of the Charity, for all his efforts until his most recent retirement from that post in September 2015.

As developments are confirmed and instituted, we will keep you updated via the website.

Clive Irwin

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