From small beginnings…


Charlie Wells – the inspiration.

In May 1992 Charlie’s sister, Penny Birtwell, died in Stourton. She was young and died of breast cancer. Her husband, Andy, and her children, George and Beatrice, graciously and generously allowed her siblings, to share being with her and caring for her. Witnessing Penny’s death was deeply painful, but it gave Charlie the chance to see the enormous value in caring for someone so poorly in their own home. Charlie chose to work in palliative care as a direct result.

Charlie realised the need for a home nursing service to give patients and families a choice of where they wished to be cared for. She started to have tentative discussions with Dr Chris Thorogood and Dr Theo Schofield (both General Practitioners at Shipston Medical Centre) about setting up such a service.

It seemed as though fate took a hand in the next few months and wonderful people from the area started to show an enormous interest in the service. Andrew Knight, founder Chairman, threw his energy, advice and enthusiasm behind the project and headed up the original committee, which established a board of Trustees and supporters. Shipston Home Nursing was born. 

Dr Chris Thorogood subsequently took over the role of Chairman in 2004 followed by Dr Clive Irwin in 2011. Clive retired in 2022 and David Morris is now our Chairman.

With effect from 1st July 2017 the Hospice at Home service previously provided by a Trust known as Shipston Home Nursing was moved into a charitable incorporated body also known as Shipston Home Nursing.

Year on year we continue to meet increasing numbers of patients and families, often with more diverse illnesses and healthcare issues. We continue to strive to meet patients as early in the progression of their illness as appropriate.

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