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Fundraising is managed by Rebecca Mawle, supported by Debbie Foster together with a regular team of volunteers. Our volunteers generously provide their time and skills whenever they are asked to help at the numerous and varied fundraising events through the year. We shall always be indebted to each and every one of our volunteers for without their help, the Charity would not be able to raise sufficient funds to provide the nursing care required.

Rebecca’s 2021 review

Our 25th year of service to our Community.

As the months have gone on starting last March, it has been quite remarkable and extremely humbling

25 years ago this June we had a weekend of celebrations and our Balloon launch. Friday night was a Barn Dance down at Nethercote. Saturday morning our wonderful Angela Balfour-Kinnear allowed us to invade her home and The Walrus Toy Shop to let off hundreds of green helium balloons, labelled with supporters names, that were all in a very very large net, that were released out of Angela’s second floor window. Angela worked so hard that 24 hours and I am so sorry that she is not here to celebrate with us this year.

I never imagined that I would still be fundraising for SHN twenty five years on. There comes a time when we all need to make changes. So I have decided to retire from my Head of Community Fundraising role later this year.
I am sure you are all aware this change will be a sad one for me, but the most important part of these years is that I have been so very fortunate to work with the most extraordinary volunteers and supporters.
You have all been fantastic every step of the way. Each event, each envelope stuffed, each door drop, you always deliver with a big smile and are happy to help me. I cannot thank you enough. I would like to thank all the local businesses too, they are also a large part of the success of the Charity. I am sure you will continue to support the Charity doing what you do best.
You are all making a huge difference to our success and we would not be able to function without your input and hard work, motivation and expertise. I will always continue to support the Charity.
Please take care, you need to make sure that Shipston Home Nursing continues to thrive for another 25 years.
My grateful thanks to you all for making my job so special, and to every single person whom I have had the pleasure of meeting.
My very best wishes
Head of Community Fundraising


Rebecca Mawle – Head of Community Fundraising

Rebecca lives in Great Wolford and has been working with Shipston Home Nursing since its conception in 1997. The original reason she became involved was due to a strong friendship with Penny Birtwell, the late sister of our Founding Trustee Charlie Wells. Rebecca is well known in our community and works tirelessly to build relationships with supporters, sponsors and donors to ensure that people in need of our Nursing care are well informed and know that help is only a phone call away.


Debbie Foster – Fundraising Coordinator

Debbie lives in Lower Brailes with husband Mark and son Freddie. Debbie has been involved with and supported our charity events since 1995. Debbie’s background is marketing and production and she supports Rebecca in organising events and maintaining the profile of Shipston Home Nursing through visual and social media.

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