Community Partners

We receive invaluable support from local and national businesses in our area

We were delighted to be selected to be the local Charity Partner for Sainsbury’s Wellesbourne for 2018-19!

Our Community Partners have selected us as their preferred choice of Charity for a specific period of time and support us through a variety of in-store fundraising initiatives. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by businesses which have a Corporate and Social Responsibility ethos to invest in the local communities which support them.

Our local Co-operative stores in Shipston & Wellesbourne, Sainsbury’s in Wellesbourne, Tesco’s and Waitrose in Stratford-upon-Avon have all supported us through various in-store fundraising initiatives as have many other local businesses.

If your Company wishes to sponsor or partner with us, please contact Rebecca Mawle, Head of Community Fundraising on 01608 674929.

This year with Sainsbury’s


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