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Everyone at Shipston Home Nursing, from the Board of Trustees to our Fundraising Team, has helped make us the very special ‘one team’ we are today. We all have one objective and that is to ensure that every adult in our community who has an incurable illness, receives the best end-of-life care possible.To achieve our objective successfully and correctly we have a clearly defined organisational structure to provide the correct balance of skills, controls and supervision.

The Board of Trustees are all volunteers and give their time very generously to support the development and ongoing sustainability of the charity. The Trustee group collectively have responsibility for the compliant operation of the charity in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Charity Commission, the Care Quality Commission and other regulatory and advisory bodies. The Trustees determine the strategic direction of the charity and oversee the implementation and execution of the strategic objectives through the Leadership Team.

The Trustee Group is led by the Chairman, Dr Clive Irwin, and is organised into a number of sub-committee groups, each group having responsibility for a specific functional area.

Chairmans Review

Many people have been or will be personally affected by the COVID virus.
That is why it is very important that the service to patients who wish to be cared for at home has continued throughout the crisis.

All folk have to be treated equally so the Nursing team have had to assume all patients and environments are potentially positive and act accordingly wearing PPE and following protocols.
I am personally proud of the way the whole team have responded. We all owe them an enormous debt of gratitude for working under enormous pressure with such calmness and professionalism.
Most patients referred to us before Christmas actually did die in their own homes, avoiding the awful situation of being in a hospital or nursing home with no or very limited visiting. Referrals have quietened down after New Year, perhaps due to the huge numbers of Covid admissions to hospitals, and the disruption to other care pathways in the secondary care system.

Please be assured the team are ready to respond if and when referrals are received.
Other functions of the Charity have taken on a ‘remote’ flavour, and Fundraising events have quite rightly ceased for now. However, due to a combination of Government support and humbling local generosity, the current finances are stable.

Meetings are now virtual, however the care delivered by the nurses and supporting team is still very real, and will continued to be delivered at a personal level at home as long as staffing and rules allow us to do so.

After 23 years of tireless service, Charlie Wells our founding Trustee decided to retire. Following a personal tragedy where Charlie lost her sister Penny, and identified the need for a Hospice at Home nursing service, she inspired a group of local people to form a Board of Trustees and Shipston Home Nursing was born. Since that time Charlie has been actively involved with the charity providing clinical guidance and mentorship to the Nursing Team together with a ‘can do’ approach to the running of the charity. Charlie leaves with our thanks for helping to build our service and reputation to what it is today, we wish her the very best for the future.

In addition Jeremy Wiggin and Simon Miesegaes, both long standing Trustees decided not to stand for re-election because of other commitments, they also leave with our grateful thanks for all their efforts and support over their many years of service.
Stay safe and try to keep up with the ever changing rules.
Dr Clive Irwin
Chairman of Trustees

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