Sheldon’s Wine Cellars support 3 men in a boat fundraiser

Local wine merchants, Sheldon’s Wine Cellars are getting behind the 3 Men in a Boat fundraiser in May. Thank you to Director and Co-owner Shane Slater for supporting Will, David and Jonathan on their epic “Row the Thames” Challenge.

3 Men in a Boat – dig deep and give generously

Last summer three brave (deranged?) men decided to attempt an extraordinary challenge to raise money for our beloved local charity, Shipston Home Nursing.
For obvious reasons their attempt was thwarted and plans put on hold. I am pleased to say the re-attempt is now in the diary and the event is back on.

The benefit of the delay

A whole year to get in great shape, which I know all three gentlemen have taken full advantage of. Having achieved Herculean levels of fitness they have never been in better shape and are all set and ready to go.

  • The challenge: 3 men to row in a boat from Oxford to London.
  • The timescale: 6 days from 24th to the 29th May 2021
  • The participants: David Williams, William Drysdale, John Davies
  • The target: £20,000 raised for Shipston Home Nursing

The great news is David is one of our much-loved local GPs so if there are any medical incidents on route there is someone on hand to step in and provide treatment. I suspect ‘treatment’ will mostly be in the form of alcohol-related refreshment.

Following the 2020 delay we have decided to give the fundraising effort a new boost. The brave (deranged) trio came to the shop last Saturday to meet with Rebecca Mawle from Shipston Home Nursing, enjoy a glass of Sheldon’s finest, have a photo in front of the shop and talk about the adventure that lies ahead.
There was much nervous laughter, flexing of pectorials and even some very generous offers in exchange for a place in the boat.
Alas, the die is cast, the crew is the crew and these three fine specimens are going to have to row for their lives to complete the challenge.

David, Will and John

We will track progress during the event, with an interim update in Sheldon’s Times on Friday 28th May and a full report the following week.

Expect to see a Sheldon’s SPECIAL OFFER nearer to the event to help the chaps achieve their goal.

Your job

Support these valiant men, visit the charitable giving website and donate generously to the so-important cause of palliative support that Shipston Home Nursing offers to our friends and loved ones.
Even a small donation will make a difference.

Click the button below to visit the donation webpage:

Please give generously

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