Ray Coyte to tackle the English Channel in a rowing boat!


Ray CoyteRay Coyte, the husband of fundraiser Suzie Coyte, is rowing to France in April to raise money for SHN.

Ray says “On April 2nd 2013 a group of us will be rowing a Cornish Gig across the English Channel to France.” “A Gig is a heavy boat and we hope to be able to complete the crossing in about 6 hours.”

“It is tough on backs, arms and stomach muscles and some say it is like doing 6 hours of situps.”
“We will of course be escorted across by a safety boat who will help us thread our way through the 400 ships that ply up and down the English Channel each day.”
“We are crossing at the shortest part of the channel but, even so, due to the start and finish locations the total rowing distance will be about 32 miles. If the wind and tides are unkind it could be longer.”
“It will be a bit like doing one and a quarter marathons using only your arms and back to propel yourself and dragging almost a ton of boat with you through rough water. None of us expect it to be a pleasant experience.”
Ray Coyte

Rowing a Pilot Gig just in rough seas is likely to be tough going for Ray and his fellow crew members – good luck from us all!
Well done Ray – rather you than us. Please support Ray by donating a few pounds to help him across the channel.
You can do this on the Just Giving website at www.justgiving.com/Ray-Coyte

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