Goodbye Virgin Money Giving

Goodbye Virgin Money Giving – hello Shipston Home Nursing Fundraising hub!

For many years, our supporters have raised money for Shipston Home Nursing by creating personal event fundraising pages through Virgin Money Giving and donating to us through their website. And in that time, over 20,000 charities and more than a million fundraisers have raised over £1 billion.

Sadly, Virgin Money Giving will stop operating on 30 November 2021. So, after 30 November, Virgin Money Giving will stop accepting donations and all fundraising pages will close automatically. Also, the company will keep claiming Gift Aid on all relevant donations and pay it to Shipston Home Nursing in the usual way between 1 December and 10 February 2022.

After 28 November Virgin Money Giving will stop collecting donations from regular donors, but will be them them to emphasise how important their donation is to us. If this is you, we would be so grateful if you would consider making your regular donation using our website instead. Please see below.

What happens now?

Please don’t worry – all your fundraising can now be done directly through our own website.

Simply go to our Fundraising Hub where you can create your own fundraising page. Just click ‘Fundraise for us’ and create your own, personalised page in just a few minutes. It’s easy to share your fundraising with friends and family, just scroll to the bottom of Fundraising Hub page, where they can donate and support your event.

If you’d like to make a straightforward donation to Shipston Home Nursing, you can do this on the Home page of our website. Simply click ‘donate now’ at the top, right hand side.

If you have started a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving, please rest assured that any money raised will be transferred to us upon closure on 30th November and up until February 19th 2022.

Finally, if you are one of our fundraisers, or a one off or regular donor, we thank you for you commitment, generosity and support – we are so grateful.

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