Armscote Bee Pot from Whichford Pottery

Armscote Bee

We’re delighted that Whichford Pottery continue to support our work through the sale of one of their best-loved designs, the ‘Armscote Bee Pot.’ A percentage from the sale of each pot is donated to Shipston Home Nursing.

The Armscote Bee Pot, is a highly practical planter decorated with delicate bee motifs – you can almost hear the gentle hum of honey bees pollinating on a summer’s day!

There’s no better time to purchase your pot as they currently have a ‘free delivery’ offer, as well as a discount for purchasing a pair. For further information and to order yours, please visit Whichford Pottery.

Offer ends 31st July 2024.

Thank you Whichford Pottery for your support.

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