A message from our Chairman


As we work our way through the second wave of the Coronavirus with most of us finding ourselves in Tier 3, I am pleased to confirm that our nursing and care services continue to operate as normal.

Our prime focus, as always, is patient care and carer support. Gemma Roberts, her team of Nurses supported by our Operational and Fundraising teams have worked with great diligence and creativity during this period to ensure we support those who need us.

Our Board of Trustees is most grateful for everybody’s efforts and this is also reflected in the incredible comments and thanks we have received from patients, relatives and families.

Hopefully we can all look forward to an increasing semblance of normality as we go through 2021, but as a result of this pandemic, there will inevitably be longer term consequences on the way we lead our lives.

Income generation from community events has of course suffered but the team has adapted and continue to look for new avenues to maintain income streams. Also, thanks to the humbling generosity of our local community, the campaign held in the square in Shipston to generate regular donations was very successful and I thank all of you who so readily took part in this.

We continue to have close working relationships with the District Nursing teams, GP practices, as well as other agencies and Charities to help keep patients at home close to their loved ones. Preventing hospital admissions and facilitating discharges is vital for us, we’ve all witnessed the heart rending media images of seeing patients in hospitals or care homes with no visitors, and the extreme stress this causes for both the patient and their families.

To all our patients, supporters and staff, best wishes for a safe and peaceful Christmas season, looking forward to a New Year with cautious optimism.




Dr C. Irwin
Chair of Trustees
Shipston Home Nursing

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