Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s report

Shipston Home Nursing has had its own challenges over the past year or so and we can only look forward to the New Year with renewed optimism and enthusiasm.

I refer you to the annual report, which has now been published on our website, for further details of what the Charity has achieved and been up to this year. The newly instituted Management Committee of four Trustees has had a major role in reviewing the structure and function of the service and worked hard to prepare for applying for CIO status which will dovetail conveniently into a CQC inspection visit in 2017. This type of visit checks quality and delivery of care and can be a challenge but is also a chance to demonstrate the good work the Nurses deliver. A Responsible Officer has been appointed to assure quality and standards.

The aim of the Charity is to increase nursing activity including night sits and this is now available and happening. We may also expand our referral base by taking earlier referrals, and additional types of patients after a trial period working with the Shipston Medical Centre. For the Charity to function well, we need appropriate nursing capacity and regular referrals from both hospital and community teams.

The liaison with the District Nursing team has been much improved by the proximity afforded by our tenancy of office accommodation in Ellen Badger Hospital. I was very disappointed to receive a complaint about lack of access to the service at a very difficult time and we have worked hard to address the concerns raised – this was not about the standard of care delivered but the referral process which failed this patient and their Carers.

2017 is the 20th Anniversary of the inception of the Charity and there will be a celebratory Ball in September 2017. The prime aim of the Charity remains care and comfort of those patients with a terminal illness who wish to remain at home, close to family and friends.

Dr Clive Irwin Chairman

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